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The Magic of Shift Knobs

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: stock shift knobs suck. They are as dull and lifeless as they are colorless. There’s just no other way to describe them.

So whether you’re only noticing the boring gray now or have been cursing at it for ages, here’s what you need to know. You’re not alone. Most people are driving around with the same “hacky” knobs, even after splurging six figures on a ride.

But don’t give up hope either. Luckily for you, LovetoShift can turn your run-of-the-mill shift knob into a flawless conversation starter that will wow your passengers and add some unmistakable flair to your interior.

The State of Your Shift Knob Right Now
If you haven’t examined your car recently, look at your shift knob right now. Is it an appealing feature that you’re proud to look at every time you open the door, or is it a boring piece of the car that’s no different to you than the glove compartment or the center console?

If you answered yes to the latter, this blog is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s time to switch the factory-installed knob to something worthy of crowning your shift stick.

Why You May Want to Upgrade
We can think of a dozen reasons why you may want to upgrade your shift knob, but here are just a few:

It shows your personality - Just how clothing and jewelry can show pieces of your personality, so can a customized shift knob. With all the designs available at LovetoShift, you can choose something that speaks to your defining characteristics so that your car is just another extension of you.
It makes your interior pop - If there’s one thing most everyday car interiors lack, it’s color. When choosing a shift knob from LovetoShift, you are greeted with options that add some much-needed brilliance to your ride. You and all your passengers will be delighted by the new brightness.
It’s a unique statement - Most car owners rely on the features the manufacturers add to make a statement. A few will add seat covers, steering wheel covers, or even feature something dazzling around their rearview mirror. But a shift knob is a unique statement. It’s something so few car owners have that anyone who sees it will make note of it.
You’ll be a trendsetter - Because so few people have this feature, you’ll introduce it to your passengers. Doing so will solidify your position of being a pioneer of “pimping” rides, a connoisseur of the finer things in life, an appreciator of life and lively colors… Okay. We got carried away with this one, but hopefully, you got the idea.

What You Can Do
Luckily for you, making a statement with your shift knob has never been easier thanks to LovetoShift. We’ve got a collection of stunning patterns to choose from, and in no time you’ll have a new piece of your car that everyone who enters can see and admire.

Just one small upgrade can dramatically change your car’s interior, and that is the magic of shift knobs. Don’t let their small size mislead you. These little guys pack a mean punch of flair and personality.

Check out all of our LovetoShift shift knobs here.