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What You Need to Know About the Crown Royal Shift Boot

If you have one or a few Crown Royal bags sitting around in some drawer, here’s a thought that may have crossed your mind: 

Wouldn’t it be cool to add some flair to your car’s interior with these bad boys? 

Perhaps it’s some Youtube video or Insta photo that tickled your fancy and made you consider wrapping this pouch around the stick in your ride. If nothing else, it should add some much-needed flair in there, right? 

The good news is that turning one of these bags into a makeshift stick boot is easy peasy. But sadly, that’s where the good part ends, and a powerful blast of tackiness comes blowing in.  

So before you grab those scissors and start cutting a makeshift stick boot out of a pouch, let’s take a step back and see why that might not be the best of ideas. 

Crown Royal Shift Boot: Iconic Splash of Color or a Sore Spot?

It’s hard to say who started this trend. But for some reason, some thrifty folks around the wacky corners of the interwebs decided to DIY their own shift boots—get this—by using a Crown Royal pouch gathering dust in their garage. 

Yes, we’re talking about those iconic bags that look great and have a rich history behind them. But let’s be honest. Showcasing these bad boys as the centerpiece of your ride can be, well, at least a little tacky. 

There are countless videos and social media posts out there on how to turn these pouches into a shift boot by putting your scissor-handling chomps to good use. The promise is always the same. It’s a quick and easy process to take the dull and monotonous (aka stock) boot out of your ride and replace it with this velvet bag. 

But just because something is easy doesn’t necessarily make it a good thing. While slashing a pouch and turning it into a makeshift boot cover may serve your inner craving for frugalness, it won’t take away from the fact that the central piece of your ride is a pouch. 

You could have the snazziest socks on the planet, but slipping them on your hands as gloves is never going to look great. Isn’t a Crown Royal shift boot the same thing? 

There’s a reason why this makeshift boot gets an endless barrage of not-so-positive comments online. You can’t watch a video about it without dozens of people calling the creator out for their lack of style. 

While that unsolicited feedback may be annoying, there’s an undeniable ring of truth to it. 

Own Your Ride by Installing a Custom Shift Boot

So if you want to add some oomph to your ride, don’t murder one of the iconic velvet bags and get yourself a custom shift boot from our store today. 

Not only do we have an extensive collection with a wide variety of styles for you to pick from, but each piece in our store is handmade and handpicked to add the biggest splash of vibrant colors, style, and personality to your ride. 

The smile on your face and the compliments from your friends on every drive will make up for the price difference, and a whole lot more.